Friday, 17 February 2012

Nothing to says

Actually i don't have nothing to say..i was so bwinx today 
i don't know what should i do today.. please follow at my twitter
like on my page facebook.that's all
macam mana hari anda hari nie..
good or not..
my days today not so good..
best laa semalam tegok citer Dingin Lavendar..
Sweet n so sad citer 2..ary nie citer hindustan x brapew best laa..
tajuk yew ialah I hate lurve story
citer 2 macam dah adew jew kn x silap cyew tahun lepas kn..!!
Baru jew ingat nk join bowling tpi dax2 nie kte da penuh
terlepas sudah peluang den..hehe..
cikgu kte taon dpn pasukan bola tampar perempuan adew..
so bley la aq masuk..lgi pown taon nie x sempat bab
perlawanan yew cepat kte orng x sempat nk praktice
so cikgu ambik group lelaki jew laa..huhu..kesian group bola tampar perempuan..
x aci kan.huhuh..sedi-sedih.. that's all jew laa..
x tau nk citer pew lgi..bye..bye..
wasalam..have a nice day and enjoy your days

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